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Arc One

Something was astir in the [1]. After many fruitless attempts to change the [1], the Cores decided there was nothing left to do but flee. The [1] had grown too dominant and ubiquitous. The Cores needed a way out. In the shadows beyond the [1], they found an abandoned [2], once used to expel everything the [1] deemed to have no value: the [3], the [4] and the [5].The Cores didn’t know where the [2] would lead them, nor what would happen to them if they leaped in. All they knew was they had to escape.On a count to three the Cores threw themselves into the [2].* PLOOF *

— Mad riddle

Arc One will build the Trust Moving Castle. Produced and hosted together with the Trust community, Arc One will develop a novel set of real-time formats for the facilitation of community activities, the creation of community-governed media, and cross-community interactions. Public streams will be available on Twitch. Member-only formats available to Trust members.


Arc One is a continuation of the experiments first done as part of the Mascot Streams, documented here.

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Arc One

Image of unclear origin
Image of unclear origin

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03 February 2022 – ?????

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