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Like seasonal cattle, the big Castles come here each spring to meet and play games

— Core living in nest of Scrap in Western Fields

Castles are inventories of Scrap held in common by a community of Cores. Castles are used by Cores to facilitate Rituals; from playing games and creating lore to managing economies and establishing contact with other communities. Castles are the foundational inventory primitive of Moving Castles and a Castle lies at the center of each Miniverse. We believe Castles can be used to represent, but also to control, decentralised organisational activities. This can be done by building rituals that act on Castles as cybernetic dashboards connected to external organisational activities. Castles can link together into networks of Castles (new article needed).

Castles are composed of Parts and Gadgets.

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Trash Hulk, Roaming Scrap

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DAO, Multisig