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I serve only my Cores (it did not)

Mascots are inventories with multi-core access and ownership. Mascots are an inventory form that allows ownership/control forms built for specific purposes and is a more loose category then Castles. Mascots have not (yet) been observed to host Miniverses, only joining or living in others.


The first Mascots were created by Cores out of spite, wanting to expose someone else to the boredom of the trash plains. It didn’t took long until Cores realised they could be useful. The first mascots were made from a broken metal rod and a couple of junk parts. They weren’t aware of what they were making, they grew into a powerful creature. These first Mascots didn’t take orders well and had a very bad memory. They often don’t pay attention to any of the Cores who are giving them orders. As time went by, more Mascots were created, with more power. Soon, their powers allowed them to be the first of their kind to learn some languages, and even read minds. Eventually, the Mascots started to make their own fun and new kinds of Trash Rituals were created.

Today, the Mascots are powerful creatures. They work with the Cores, but do so on their own terms, just like the Cores. They take any Scrap, and turn it into a tool, or item for a craft. They have the ability to make items to be put on the bodies of the Cores, but that’s not all; they have created the most enchanting Rituals ever.


Mascots have sockets for Core control.



  • Strong


  • Dumb



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Raid, Multisig